How to Choose the Right Keywords to Target in Your Content

Deciding on the right keywords to optimize your content for is one of the most important things you can do when developing an SEO strategy. Choosing keywords that are highly relevant, have decent search volume, and have low competition gives your content the best chance to rank on the first page of Google. But how exactly do you determine what the right keywords are for your business?

As an Irish digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, content creation, and web development, Hybrid Tech Solution has honed a proven process for selecting powerful keywords that drive qualified organic traffic to websites. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to identify the right keywords to target in your content, like the experts.

Why Right Keyword Matters

Optimizing your content for keywords searched by your ideal customers is vital for ensuring your website and other digital assets show up when people search for related topics in Google’s organic results. Ranking on that coveted first page leads to more visitors, leads, and sales over time.

But you can’t just guess what words and phrases people are actually searching for on Google to find businesses like yours. Doing rigorous keyword research using free tools is essential to discovering keyword opportunities you can realistically target.

As Ireland’s top full-service digital marketing agency, Hybrid Tech Solution has mastered advanced organic search strategies to help companies dominate the first page with laser-targeted content. Our comprehensive approach enables brands to attract more visitors, nurture leads, and boost sales through SEO.

Understanding Keyword Difficulty

However, you can’t go after just any keyword, even if it describes your products or services perfectly. The keyword difficulty (KD)—how hard it is to rank for a given term—must be taken into account as well.

Trying to rank a webpage for an extremely difficult keyword with lots of competition will often end in failure and wasted time. SEO agencies like us have invested in premium tools that make analyzing keyword difficulty easier, but there are also free options.

In this post, we’ll outline our proven process for identifying keywords that strike the right balance of relevance and competitiveness for a content strategy tailored to dominate organic search in Ireland.

How Hybrid Tech Solution Choose Right Keywords

We implement a three-step methodology across all our SEO campaigns that enables us to laser-focus our client’s content around the keywords that matter most.

Step 1: Brainstorm Relevant Keywords

The first step is putting together a master list of potentially relevant keywords and phrases. These should include:

• Short- and long-tail variations of important topics
• Common industry terminology
• Ways your customers describe your offerings
• Product/service category keywords
• Competitor keywords

To populate your master list, leverage free tools like:

• Google Autocomplete
Ubersuggest keyword suggestions
• Answer the Public’s content ideas for Q&A-style content
• Google Trends’ related topics and queries

Make your list as exhaustive as possible, including single-word terms, short phrases of 2-3 words, and longer 5-7-word keyword strings. Cast a wide net here before narrowing things down.

Step 2: Analyze Keyword Difficulty

Next, you need to evaluate keyword difficulty to determine which terms from your master list are realistic targets for your website to potentially rank for. This step requires using paid tools that offer this data.

Hybrid Tech Solutions utilizes advanced platforms like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz that provide difficulty scores and metrics like:

• Keyword search volume: how often a term is searched
• Competing domains: sites already ranking
• Backlinks pointing to top 10 results
• Expected organic traffic value

Based on these factors, group your keywords into buckets, like:
Easy wins we can target now
Potential targets if we build more authority
Difficult keywords we have no chance to rank for

This process will help narrow down your extensive list to a focused selection of easy and medium-difficulty keywords that strike the ideal balance of relevance and competitiveness.

Step 3: Prioritize Keyword Targets

The last step is to take the filtered-down list from step 2 and map keywords to relevant pages based on topics and categories. Prioritize which ones make the most sense for blog posts, videos, landing pages, and other pages on your site.

Also, set your primary and secondary keywords for each piece of content. Primary should be fairly easy to mid-level words you will optimize the whole article or video around. Secondary terms can have a higher difficulty score but are still relevant for a given page.

Now you have a targeted keyword list mapped to help drive organic search traffic to your most important website pages. For best results, be sure to actually use your primary keywords throughout the page content (not just in the metadata) so search engines know the page’s relevance. But avoid awkward overoptimization.

Hybrid Tech Solution’s proven methodology for identifying the right keywords ensures our client’s websites show up prominently when their potential customers search for relevant topics. Contact us to learn more about our holistic approach to Irish SEO.

Why Hybrid Tech Solution Should Be Your SEO Agency

As a full-service digital marketing agency based in Ireland with specialists across web design, pay-per-click ads, content creation, and search engine optimization, Hybrid Tech Solution stands ready to boost your online visibility and leads through targeted organic and paid search strategies crafted just for your business.

We have a proven track record across diverse industries of growing companies’ qualified website traffic, nurturing more sales-ready leads, and driving increased conversions through our integrated digital marketing services.

Here’s why you should partner with Hybrid Tech Solution as your trusted Irish SEO agency:

Unmatched Local Experience: With roots in Ireland, we combine deep knowledge of this market with globetrotting talent to create SEO magic that follows Google best practices while resonating locally.

White-hat Hat Tactics:

At Hybrid Tech Solution, we firmly reject outdated black-hat shortcuts that may temporarily boost rankings but ultimately hurt sites. We use ethical strategies like relevant content building, thoughtful optimization, and securing authoritative backlinks from trusted sites.

Bespoke Strategies:

No two companies are alike, so why treat them the same in SEO? Based on your niche, offerings and competitors, we tailor a unique SEO playbook to dominate organic search for phrases your customers use.

Powerful Content:

Our in-house team includes talented Ireland-based writers who produce compelling blog posts, FAQs, guides and other content assets optimized to rank in organic search while captivating your audience.

Technical Expertise:

Your website needs to be built for SEO success behind the scenes before it can capture those coveted first-page rankings. From site architecture to page speed and mobile responsiveness, we optimize your site’s foundation for organic search prowess.

Let our digital marketing experts assess your current presence and create an actionable plan for taking advantage of SEO in Ireland this year. Contact Hybrid Tech Solution via our website, or email us at to get started!

The Complete Digital Marketing Services You Need As a full-service digital marketing agency, Hybrid Tech Solution delivers comprehensive solutions that help Irish brands get found online, engage more customers, and grow their business through innovative technologies and proven strategies.

Hybrid Tech Solution’s top digital marketing services include:


As discussed extensively already throughout this guide, we specialize in organic search engine optimization that gets your website pages ranking prominently in Google for valuable, relevant search queries. We handle everything from technical website audits to content creation, backlink building and more.

PPC Advertising:

Want to supplement your organic presence with instant paid ads? Our pay-per-click advertising management service handles your campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads, optimizing keywords, ad copy, landing pages, bids and more to maximize ROI.

Social media marketing:

Beyond search, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are vital for brands looking to build awareness, engage customers, generate inbound traffic or leverage new audiences. Our social team develops customized post-content calendars tailored to your goals and handles community management.

Email Marketing:

Building an audience that opts-in to your email list gives you a powerful channel for consistent engagement. From beautiful templates to automation flows and campaign creation, our email marketing services help you deliver value and promotions to subscribers.

Web Design:

No digital marketing plan is complete without a professionally designed website tailored for your Irish business to capture leads and rank ahead of competitors. Our local web design talents craft stunning sites optimized for all devices.

With Hybrid Tech Solution as your digital marketing partner, you gain a true one-stop-shop to establish, grow and promote your online presence like never before possible! Contact us to learn more.


What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of discovering and analyzing words and phrases that people type into search engines to find information online. It helps you identify relevant keywords to target in your website content.

Why is keyword research important for SEO?

Doing keyword research is crucial for SEO success because it reveals what search queries your target audience is actually using that you should optimize your pages around. This helps search engines show your content for more relevant searches.

What tools do you recommend for keyword research?

Some of the best keyword research tools we recommend include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, UberSuggest, Google Trends and Answer the Public. Each provides unique data to help compile keyword lists and analyze difficulty.

What is keyword difficulty?

Keyword difficulty measures how hard it would be to rank for a given keyword in organic search results based on factors like existing competition and search volume. Easy keywords are more achievable targets.

How do I find low-competition keywords?

Look for longer, more specific long-tail key phrases that naturally have less competition versus short one- or two-word keywords. Useful data points include a low number of backlinks to ranking domains and relatively good search volume.

What is Google’s auto-complete and how can it help?

Google auto-complete provides suggestive search terms as you type words into the search bar. This reveals directly what people are searching for, which you can target.

What’s the difference between short-tail and long-tail keywords?

Short-tail keywords are brief, usually one to three words like “marketing agency.”. Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific, like “social media marketing agency Ireland.”.

How many keywords should I target per page?

Each page should target a primary keyword as the main focus, along with 2–5 secondary keywords that are relevant to supplement optimization and traffic. Avoid over-optimizing for too many terms on one page.

How often should you research keywords?

It’s best to revisit your keyword research at least once a quarter to discover new opportunities. Year over year, search trends evolve quite a bit.

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