How much does email marketing cost in Ireland? A Detailed Pricing Guide

How much does email marketing cost in Ireland? A Detailed Pricing Guide

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and high-ROI digital channels for businesses in Ireland. But how much should you actually budget for professional email services?

In this post, we’ll break down the pricing factors, from list size to add-ons to agency fees so you know exactly what to expect when investing in email marketing in Ireland. Let’s dive in!

Key Email Marketing Cost Drivers

The main factors that influence email marketing costs in Ireland include:

Size of Your Email List

The larger your subscriber list, the higher your base costs will be. Most pricing is tiered based on list size.

Email Volume

How many emails you send per month impacts costs. Sending more means higher delivery fees.

Additional Services

Extra services like automation, landing pages, and integrations add to your costs.

Agency vs DIY

Using an agency costs more but typically delivers far better ROI through expertise.

Average Costs of Email Marketing Platforms in Ireland

Most Irish businesses will use third-party platforms like Mailchimp or SendinBlue for professional email services. Here are the average costs of popular platforms:


  • 500 subscribers or less: Free
  • 2,000 subscribers: €15/month
  • 5,000: €40/month
  • 10,000: €75/month
  • 50,000: €200/month


  • 500 subscribers or less: Free
  • 2,000 subscribers: €25/month
  • 5,000 subscribers: €39/month
  • 10,000 subscribers: €66/month
  • 50,000 subscribers: €120/month


  • 500 subscribers or less: €19/month
  • 2,000: €29/month
  • 5,000: €49/month
  • 10,000: €70/month
  • 50,000: €150/month


  • 500 subscribers or less: €15/month
  • 2,000: €30/month
  • 5,000: €50/month
  • 10,000: €75/month
  • 50,000: €250/month

As you can see, costs range from free tiers to hundreds of euros per month, depending on subscribers. Transactional fees also apply.

Average Costs for Email Marketing Agencies in Ireland

If you work with a professional email marketing agency in Ireland, here are the average starting costs:

Setup and Strategy Development

  • €1,000 – €3,000+

Monthly Management Retainer

  • 500 subscribers or less: €400 – €800
  • 2,000 subscribers: €800–€1,500
  • 5,000 subscribers: €1,500 – €3,000
  • 10,000 subscribers: €3,000–€5,000
  • 50,000+ subscribers: €5,000+

Agencies also offer project-based pricing for individual campaigns, which typically ranges from €500 to €2,000+ per month, depending on the scope.

The increased cost of an agency is well worth it when you factor in the expertise, time savings, and results (improved deliverability, open rates, conversions, etc.) most agencies drive.

Costs of Email Marketing Software and Tools in Ireland

In addition to a core email platform, many Ireland businesses utilize extra software and tools:

  • Email templates: €15 – €25 per template
  • Landing page builder: €25 – €100 per month
  • Email newsletter plugin for WordPress: €50 – €200 per year
  • Email analytics software: €50 – €150 per month
  • Automation software: €50 – €300 per month
  • Email validator: €100 – €500 per year
  • Email testing tool: €20 – €100 per month

While not mandatory, these types of tools provide added functionality to maximize email marketing effectiveness when used alongside a main platform.

How Professional Services Impact Email Costs in Ireland

Specialized services are where agencies really take email marketing to the next level. Typical costs include:

  • Dedicated account manager: €2,000 – €4,000 per month
  • Email copywriting: €300–€600 per month
  • Graphic design: €500 – €1,500 per month
  • Programming and development: €100 – €150 per hour
  • Email strategy: €2,000 – €5,000+ one-time
  • Email audit: €1,000–€3,000 one-time

Factor these services in if you want to unlock the full potential of email in Ireland through expert optimization.

Tips to Reduce Email Marketing Costs in Ireland

Some tips to control costs include:

  • Use free trial periods for platforms and tools
  • Start small and scale up as list grows
  • Only use features you need (avoid overbuying)
  • Buy in bulk for templates and tools when possible
  • Focus on quality over quantity of emails
  • Monitor and cut underperforming areas
  • Build your list using low-cost methods
  • Only outsource what your team can’t handle

With some savvy management, you can keep email marketing highly cost efficient even as your Ireland subscriber list and campaigns grow.

Calculate Expected ROI to Guide Email Budget

A good rule of thumb is to invest around 5-10% of estimated revenue from email marketing into your budget.

So if you project €100,000 in revenue, you would allocate €5,000-€10,000 for costs. This helps ensure your spending aligns with the ROI, while still leaving plenty of margin.

Get High-Impact Email Marketing at Competitive Rates

As you can see, costs for professional email marketing in Ireland can range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros per month. But the money is well worth it when you work with results-focused agency like Hybrid Tech Solutions.

Our team offers:

✔️ Award-winning strategy, design, and execution

✔️ Proven results for Irish and global clients

✔️ Competitive rates tailored to your budget

✔️ Month-to-month and annual contracts

✔️ Complete email marketing services

Let us customize an approach with maximum impact scaled to your budget. Get in touch today at [contact details] to partner with Hybrid Tech Solutions for email success!

key services offered by Hybrid Tech Solutions beyond email marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We provide comprehensive SEO solutions to boost your organic rankings, traffic, and visibility in Irish search engines. Our experts focus on technical SEO, on-page optimization, link building, and leveraging local search.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – We offer full-service PPC campaign management to help you effectively advertise on platforms like Google Ads. We craft locally targeted ads, optimize bids and budgets, improve quality scores, and analyze performance.
  • Social Media Marketing – Our social media services include content creation tailored for top Irish platforms, strategic paid promotions, community management, and reporting. We help build your brand and connect with your Irish audience.
  • Web Design – We have an amazing in-house design team that can build beautiful, high-converting websites optimized for lead generation. Mobile responsiveness and speed are key focuses.
  • Content Marketing – Our talented content team covers all bases from blog posts to videos to infographics to drive traffic, boost SEO, and raise brand awareness.
  • Digital Strategy – We provide holistic digital strategies tailored for the Irish market, setting goals across all channels and platforms and tying them to overarching business objectives.

Get in touch to learn more about how our comprehensive digital marketing services can set your Irish business apart and deliver results!

Frequently Asked Questions on Email Marketing Costs in Ireland

How much does the size of your email list impact costs in Ireland?

Larger email lists mean higher costs, as most platform pricing is tiered by subscriber count. Costs scale up as your list grows.

What are the pricing factors beyond list size that affect costs?

Other factors are monthly send volume, additional services like automation and integrations, and whether you use an agency or DIY model.

How much do popular email platforms like Mailchimp cost in Ireland?

Entry Mailchimp plans start free for under 500 subscribers. Costs range from €15-€200/month for 2,000 to 50,000 subscribers on paid Mailchimp plans.

What does hiring an email marketing agency cost in Ireland?

Agencies charge from €400-€800/month for starter plans up to €5,000+/month for managing large lists and additional services. Significant ROI boost usually offsets costs.

What extra tools and software help maximize email performance in Ireland?

Use case tools like templates, landing pages, analytics, automation, testing, and validation software. Cost from €20-€500/month for most tools.

How much do professional email services like copywriting cost in Ireland?

Add-on services range from €300-600/month for copywriting to €100-€150/hour for development tasks to €2,000-5,000 for high-level strategy.

What are some tips for reducing email marketing costs in Ireland?

Start small and scale up, use free trials, only use essential features, buy templates/tools in bulk, focus on quality over quantity, monitor and optimize spend.

How can you determine the right email budget for an Irish business?

Allocate around 5-10% of projected revenue from email marketing. So for €100k projected revenue, budget €5k-€10k.

Should you prioritize cost or agency results when choosing in Ireland?

We recommend prioritizing proven results over lowest cost when choosing an agency. Performance ROI usually more than justifies rates.

How can you get premium email services at affordable rates in Ireland?

Work with results-driven agency Hybrid Tech Solutions. Our award-winning services and competitive pricing deliver maximum email impact for your budget.

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