What is a good number of website visitors?

What is a good number of website visitors?

What is a good number of website visitors? Benchmark Metrics to Gauge Traffic

Getting a good number of website visitors is crucial, but how much is considered a good number of website visitors? The answer depends on your business type, goals and key metrics like conversions. Here, we’ll explore website traffic benchmarks and provide tips to drive more qualified visitors.

For context, the average small business website gets 100–500 website visitors per day. Top commercial sites see 500,000+ daily website visitors. Of course, aiming for millions of visitors when you’re just starting out isn’t realistic. Focus on steady growth over time.

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Your industry

Service companies may only need a few hundred highly targeted website visitors a month, while e-commerce sites need thousands of visitors to get sales.

Business size

Larger companies with bigger budgets, brand recognition and resources can gain more website traffic.

Site quality

Well-designed, optimized sites with engaging content attract and retain more visitors.

Marketing strategy

Promotions like SEO, social media and PPC ads play a major role in driving website traffic.

Age of website

Older, established sites have accumulated visitors over time. New sites take longer to gain traction.


Traffic can spike during peak seasons for industries like travel, then dip during off-seasons.


Traffic Metrics to Track by Industry

Service Businesses

Look at 50–300 unique website visitors per day, with conversion rates around 2-5% from visitor to lead. Service websites aim for quality over quantity when it comes to traffic. Focus efforts on targeting potential customers who are ready to buy your service.

eCommerce Sites

E-commerce stores need consistent traffic to generate sales. Benchmark to get 500–5,000+ daily website visitors, depending on your size and niche. Monitor sales conversions, aiming for 2-5%. Abandonment rates below 70% are good.


Established blogs can see 5,000–100,000+ website visitors monthly. But when starting out, aim for at least 200–500 visitors a month. Pageviews per visit over 2 minutes and bounce rates under 60% indicate engaged readers.

Small Businesses

Most small business get 100–500 website visitors daily. Conversion rates around 2–5% are ideal. Prioritize qualified traffic over vanity metrics. Getting recognized as a trusted authority is also crucial.

Enterprise Companies

Major corporations need heavy website traffic to match their brand awareness. Expect benchmarks like 100,000+ website visitors daily and 10 million+ monthly. The focus is also on lead generation from this high volume of visitors.

Tips for a good number of website visitors

  • Research SEO keywords and optimize pages to rank higher in search engines, which drives organic traffic.
  • Produce high-quality content regularly—blogs, videos, and guides—to engage visitors.
  • Promote your website and new content across all social media channels.
  • Build email lists to keep visitors returning via newsletters, promotions, etc.
  • Use Google Analytics to track visitors and identify opportunities to optimize your website for better conversions.
  • Implement chatbots on-site to immediately engage and qualify visitors.
  • Run paid ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and native ads to expand reach.
  • Guest post on authority sites related to your industry to gain qualified referral traffic.
  • Use exit intent popups to capture leads from departing visitors.

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